• "If you’re looking for a gift for a new Mom this is hands down the best thing out there! It is the most useful gift I received after having a baby! I’ve used it almost everywhere, whether it’s popping into the grocery/drug store, bank, or doctors office. It keeps me from having to haul out the stroller for short trips or unnecessarily straining myself carrying a heavy bucket seat and baby. I can’t say enough good things about it, I love my Little Loop!"
    Alison Calgary, AB
  • "I love my Little Loop!  I have lower back issues and I was looking for a better way to carry my 6-week old in his car seat.  The Little Loop has helped me more easily carry my car seat by distributing the weight of the car seat to both sides of my body, allowing me to stand up straight while carrying my little guy.  Thanks for a great product!!"
    Lindsay Calgary, AB
  • "I used my Little Loop for the first time today and loved it. It made it a lot easier for me to carry the car seat when I only had to go a short distance and didn’t have to get out the stroller. I even had other moms asking me where I got it!"
    Tayler Calgary, AB
  • "Well, this sure makes life easy!! What a fantastic idea:)"
    Andrea, Calgary, AB
  • "Such a great idea to help carry your car seat when you don't want to get out the stroller. Would definitely recommend to others."
    Chelsea Calgary, AB

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