Frequently asked questions

About Little Loop

1What are the age/weight limitations of an infant being carried by a Little Loop?
At Little Loop, safety is paramount which is why the Little Loop has been independently lab tested to confirm its strength and durability. Although Little Loops are proven to hold up to 375lbs of weight, for your safety and comfort, we recommend not exceeding more than 50lbs of total weight.
2What type of car seat is Little Loop compatible with?
Little loop is designed with convenience in mind and therefore it is compatible with all portable infant car seats on the market. No matter what brand of car seat, Little Loop will work to help carry your little one with ease.
3Where is Little Loop made?
Little Loop is designed and manufactured in Calgary, AB, Canada.
4What materials are used for Little Loop?
Little Loop is made from one length of nylon strapping covered with cotton batting for your added comfort, finished with your choice of cover which is a cotton/poly blend. The non-slip grip is a silicone based product to ensure your car seat does not slip or slide around while using your Little Loop.
5What is the warranty on my Little Loop?
We stand behind our product. Little Loop will replace your Loop if you experience any manufacturer defects for up to 12 months after purchase; all you cover is the shipping, we will take care of the rest.

Using Your Little Loop

Check out the About page for a video on how to attach, adjust, and store your Little Loop

1How do I attach the Little Loop to the car seat?
Unclip the side release buckle, loop it through the car seat handle, and snap the buckle back together. Ensure the non-slip grip is in contact with the car seat handle. Loop the strap over your head so the Little Loop logo is across your body and adjust until the car seat is sitting comfortably at approximately hip height. That’s all! Its as simple as that.
2How do I know if I am wearing the Little Loop correctly?
The Little Loop Logo should be face up and visible on your chest, as well as the non-slip grip should be in contact with the car seat handle in a way which allows the car seat to remain horizontal. Little Loop should feel comfortable while wearing, and secure against your car seat when in use.
3When should I use Little Loop?
Little Loop has been designed for use over short distances when a stroller is not convenient. The Loop is not meant to be used for long distances.
4Should the storage strap be removed after purchase?
No. The storage strap is an important feature of the Little Loop to ensure the safety of your baby. By securing the Little Loop with the storage strap when not in use, you are not only keeping your Little Loop out of your way when taking your baby in and out of the car seat, but keeping it out of reach for your child’s safety. Additionally, the storage strap helps to preserve the Little Loop when not in use.
5How do I know if the tri-glide has been properly secured?
Properly securing the tri-glide is essential to the safe use of your Little Loop. A tri-glide has 3 bars, with the middle one being permanently covered by the nylon strapping. After adjusting the strap to the position that feels comfortable to you, the extra length of strap should be folded back over the outer tri-glide bar, fed through the bars again, and pulled tight (as seen in the pictures below). Only 1 vertical bar should be visible on the tri-glide when properly secured and in use.