Safe and Strong - Independently tested to hold up to 375lbs!



There are so many way that the Little Loop makes life with a car seat easier, it's hard to list them all!  Check out below to see how a Little Loop can help you!

So Many Benefits...

Ergonomic- The LIttle Loop puts the load of your baby and carseat on the larger goints of the body which is a safer, and easier, way to carry heavy things.  Rather than bending to one side while carrying the seat, the Little Loop allows you to have a more naturally aligned spine and leave your bacck in an upright/untwisted position helping to prevent injuries.

Fast- Little Loop is incredibly simple to install and quick to throw over your shoulder to use when needed.

Convenient- Little Loop allows you to have your hands free to open doors, carry other items, or hold the hands of other children without a struggle.

And Most Importantly...

SAFE- Little Loop has been designed with your baby's safety in mind.  Little Loop has been safety tested to meet and exceed the safety standards in both Canada and the United States.  Click on the safety link for more information!